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About Us

African Hope e.V. is a registered charity which was founded in Stuttgart in 1998.

We work so that socially vulnerable groups in African countries can achieve an improved quality of life because we believe that this is the main key to answer the urgent questions of our time.

African Hope renders help for self-help by promoting a wide range of projects of both clerical institutions and non-church organisations.

We support our local partner organisations by addressing cross-sectoral challenges particularly in terms of:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Start-up and Employment Promotion
  • Energy
  • Youth Exchange Programs

African Hope adopts an integrative approach amongst all stakeholder groups thus ensuring that only projects that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable are supported.


Our Goals

How does it work?

Our philosophy is based upon three pillars: Simplicity, Flexibility, Efficiency.

Facing seemingly endless number of challenges, we aim at:

  • providing targeted assistance just where it’s needed
  • ensuring that donations of money and goods directly benefit the target groups
  • reducing complexity of formal actions
  • improving efficiency in the use of available resources on site
  • creating a climate of trust among different stakeholders, population groups and nations based on communication, cooperation and understanding.

Containers for Hope

One example for this are our Containers for Hope. They supply cross-sectoral humanitarian assistance in the form of collected goods such as medical devices, medicaments, production machineries, tools, household appliances, garments and so on.

Youth Exchange Program

Another example for this is our Youth Exchange Programs where young people are committed to develop mutual understanding between each other.

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Our Team


Prof. Dr. med. Markus Khalil

Leader Hope for Health


Prof. Dr. Monier Tadros

Leader Hope for Education


Dr. Mourad Lotfey

Leader Hope for Work


Angelica Ulkan

Leader Hope for Energy


Dr. Moheb Mekhaiel

Leader Hope for Youth


Eng. Ibrahim Samak

Vice President


Albrecht Hauser

Board Member


Dr. Michel Khalil

Board Member


Veit Scholl

Board Member


Dr. Nabil Salib

General Secretary


Walter Zuleger



Iris Malitz


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Thanks for your interest in African Hope e.V.

You have entered our site. You are interested? You have also ideas? Share your ideas with us for the benefit of all.

African Hope brings together people from many nations. Intercultural experiences help to further understanding one’s own culture as well as that of the others which it needs if it is to accept people as different but equal.

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Each person over 18 years who is interested in the aims of African Hope can become a member. Just download your application for membership and e-mail or fax us the completed form.

Become a volunteer with us

We need your support when it comes to working in our office, loading a container and so on. Do you have some time left which you might donate on project by project basis?

Furthermore, we appreciate very much if you might share your professional know-how with people from Africa which could greatly benefit from your skills. Our website can provide ideas wherever your competence might be needed or:

Contact Us Directly. We would be pleased to talk with you about anything.

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